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Mindfulness Programs

for happier, kinder, more emotionally resilient children and teenagers

[Take a breath, inhale, exhale]

Children today have busy schedules, feel pressure to excel and live in a world that is moving faster and faster.

Our programs teach simple, practical, techniques that can help children and teenagers:

  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Increase concentration, calmness and patience
  • Learn to regulate emotions without acting out, leading to better behaviour in school
  • Improve ability to pay attention, resulting in better grades
  • Develop better social skills, empathy and understanding of others

Mindfulness Programs for Children

Mindfulness Programs for Schools

8-week programs with 16 short sessions – delivered on demand via pre-recorded online learning or live with Laure via zoom.

For children (5-11)

For teenagers (12-18)

Private Mindfulness Sessions with Laure

Sessions 1:1 or very small groups, live with Laure via Zoom or in person if possible.

1:1 sessions for children

1:1 sessions for teenagers

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Mindful children

Sixteen sessions that went by very quickly. Our bi-weekly meetings allowed the students to put into practice the novelties and to put into practice the other techniques studied. Children become more and more independent when they need to calm down.

Teacher of a Kindergarten Class

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Fantastic tool for students to better manage stress, anxiety.

Teacher G3

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Thank you so much for this wonderful program. We enjoyed it very much!

Teacher of Grade 2 & 3

Vancouver, BC, Canada

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