About Full of Kindness

Our purpose:

To make this World a safe, fair, and caring place.

Full of Kindness Wellness Inc. is incorporated as a benefit company, which conducts business in a responsible and sustainable way.

We commit to promote the public benefits:

  • advancement of education (by teaching mindfulness to children), and
  • relief of poverty (by donating to organizations fighting inequality, mental health, hungry kids, homeless and at-risk street youth, and by offering our programs to communities in need* and the Indigenous communities*).

*Please connect with us to learn more about our scholarships for your schools or community in need.

Here are the organizations we donate to:

  • Indian Residential School Survivors Society
  • Backpack Buddies: Feed hungry kids across BC
  • Covenant House: Vancouver’s homeless and at-risk street youth
  • Gabor Mate: The Wisdom of Trauma
  • CNIB: Assisting Canadians who are blind or living with vision loss

We’re also doing our best to recycle, so we may mail merchandise with used boxes as much as possible from our own personal boxes or from the Buy Nothing community.