Mindfulness Practices

Infographics: Using the 5 senses mindfully

How to use the 5 senses with mindfulness: Download the printable version! The 5 senses in a mindful way Our senses allow us to perceive the world around us. hearing ~ sight ~ smell ~ taste ~ touch Why Using the 5 senses mindfully helps us come back to the present moment and without judgment, and then helps us feel calm. How There is no wrong way! Here are some ideas: One sense at a time All 5 senses, one after the other Ask your child to notice: 5 things you can see 4 things you can touch 3 things you can hear 2 things you can smell 1 thing you can taste When and where Anytime and anywhere! In your bed before falling asleep As a passenger, in the car or the bus On a...