Infographics: Breathing mindfully

Infographics: Breathing mindfully

How to breath in a mindful way:

Infographics explaining how to breath in a mindful way and why. Perfect to do with your family, in the classroom with students…

Infographics: Breathing mindfully

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The breath

The breath is always here.
We never learned to breathe.
We can change it voluntarily:
– slower or faster, deeper or more shallow.
It changes depending soon our emotions:
– it’s faster when we’re angry,
– it’s slower when we’re calm and when we sleep.


Observing our breath mindfully can help us calm down because it happens in the present moment, it’s neutral, and it’s always here with us.


Anchor points: Like the anchor of a boat that helps the boat stay at bay, we can use our breath as an anchor.

Our anchor points are places where we can notice our breath, like our belly or our chest.

Place your hand on your belly and/or your chest and notice what happens when you breathe. How do you feel?

When and where

Almost anytime and anywhere!
– In your bed before falling asleep or when you wake up before getting out of bed
– At work or at school during a break

The most important is to make it a routine so that when you’re not doing well, you know the technic and you can use it!


From 2 to 102 years old!

For the little ones, you can use their favorite stuffed animal on their belly!




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