Mindfulness Workshops for Adults

Mindfulness Workshops for Adults

We offer several workshops for adults around the theme of mindfulness.

These workshops are perfect for:

  • Professional Development Days for teachers,
  • groups of adults or elders looking to improve their wellbeing,
  • organizations and non-profits looking to organize workshops for their employees or members,
  • a group of friends who want to learn more about these topics,
  • Any other idea? Contact me to see if I can accommodate to your community!

All these workshops are PRACTICAL and mindfulness-based. You’ll learn techniques that you can directly apply to your day-to-day life.


Workshop online or in-person*

  • What is mindfulness?
  • What mindfulness is not?
  • Neuroscience and physiology of mindfulness
  • Benefits of mindfulness
  • Practices


Workshop online or in-person*

  • What is empathy and compassion?
  • What is self-compassion?
  • The 3 elements of self-compassion
  • Benefits
  • 1 to 4 self-compassion practices

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Non-Violent Communication


Please contact Marie Lacrampe, my recommendation to you, as the expert of NVC, in French or English.

Unconscious Biases

Workshop online or in-person*

Please connect with me if you’re interested in this workshop.

~ coming soon ~

Chronic Pain

Workshop online or in-person*

A 1-hour workshop is ready, but I’d love to offer a longer version – coming soon!

Please connect with me if you’re interested in this workshop.

*I’m located in Vancouver BC, Canada and I am available for travel


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