Mindfulness for Teens 12 to 19 yo One-on-one sessions

Are you worried about seeing your teen grow in this society?

Is your teen struggling with his/her emotions? his/her attention (ADD, ADHD)? Does he/she have daily anxious thoughts, anxiety or depression? Does he/she have trouble falling asleep? Or is your teen questioning life?

Mindfulness can help!

Mindfulness helps adolescents reduce anxiety and stress, handle difficult emotions, increase ability to focus and concentrate, and self-reflect.

2 options for private sessions with teens:

Your child and Laure

1:1 – just your teen and Laure

Option to do it with you as well, if your teen wants to.

Mindfulnes for kids friends

A group of teens, and Laure

(more “fun” for your teen and a way to keep the cost down)

No group teaching at the moment.

Please contact me if you’d like more information or know when the next group program starts.

Available virtually anywhere in the World, through Zoom, in English and French. I’m located in Vancouver Canada.

Full program of 16 sessions includes:

  • 1 chime for your teen to practice on his/her/their own
  • 1 Student handout with reflection questions
  • 1 Pre and Post program self-assessment form for your teen and you

Possibility to do 1, 4, or 16 sessions.


***Programs in Zoom for now. Please connect with me for in person pricing***

Please contact me for a quote.


Buy a chime for $15.50 +GST + shipping

Free 30 min consultation with me



  • Emotions & Listening
  • Response vs Reaction, & Breathing
  • Heartfulness
  • Thoughts
  • Counting our breath
  • Pleasant / Unpleasant
  • Eating mindfully
  • Connection to others
  • Past, Present, Future
  • Body scan
  • Savoring the good
  • Judgments & being conscious of the body
  • Walking mindfully
  • Helping ourselves first
  • Be & being conscious of our emotions
  • Gratitude & Appreciation
  • Mindfulness of overwhelm
  • Mindfulness communication and listening
  • Mindfulness of difficult emotions and anger
  • Steadiness and Equanimity
  • Mindfulness of technology
  • Mindfulness of boredom
  • Mindfulness of every moment