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Mindfulness Kit mini

Mindfulness kit

Kasih’s therapist-developed, wellness and mindfulness kit has everything you need to understand your own inner-dialogue and develop self-care routines that work WITH you.

Cost: $39.99 +GST +shipping*

Affirmation Cards

Kasih’s Pocket Affirmation and Activity Cards provide the perfect pairing of thought and action to break your stress cycle and find clarity to move forward. Give yourself some loving words in the tough moments, or use simple movements to push past your negative thoughts.

Cost: $14.99 +GST +shipping*

Feeling Wheel Magnet

Feeling wheel magnet

Using the Feeling Wheel, you might just realize there is a name for exactly how you’re feeling. Naming a feeling in greater detail than simply sad/mad etc. makes it easier to handle and understand possible triggers.

Cost: $7.99 +GST +shipping*


Chime to be mindful of sounds

Kids love it! It’s a great way to take a few seconds to simply listen to the pleasant sound from beginning to end.

Cost: $15.50 +GST +shipping*

The in-between book

The in-between book

By Christopher Willard and Olivia Weisser

Beautiful book helping us notice the space between things around us. (4 to 10 years old)

Cost: $20.99 +GST +shipping*

Book: Alphabreaths

Alphabreaths book

By Christopher Willard and Daniel Rechtschaffen

One of my favorite book! Beautiful illustrations, creative little stories with each type of breath. My favorite is the ninja breath <3 (All ages)

Cost: $23.50 +GST +shipping*

I am a kindness hero

I am a kindness hero Book

By Jennifer Adams

Beautiful book illustrating how we can show up with kindness: when being helpful, patient… (3-8yo)

Cost: $23.50 +GST +shipping*

May all people and pigs be happy

May all people and pigs be happy

By Micki Fine Pavlicek

One of my favorite book! When she’s sad her friend doesn’t talk to her, Claire learns a loving-kindness meditation with her stuffed animal. (3-8yo)

Cost: $23.95 +GST +shipping*

Breathe and be

By Kate Coombs

Beautiful book and illustrations. A series of poems where children learn ways to be mindful (4-8yo)

Cost: $24.99 +GST +shipping*

Gift Card / Carte Cadeau

Gift Card, Carte cadeau

Gift card

Starting at $20. No delivery required.

Carte cadeau

Commence à $20. Pas de livraison nécessaire.

Puppy Mind

Puppy Mind Book

From Andrew Jordan Nance

Fun book for children to learn to pay careful attention. (3-8yo)

Cost: $22.95 +GST +shipping*

The Lion in Me

The Lion in Me book

From Andrew Jordan Nance

Fun book for children to learn to transform anger to sweetness. (3-8yo)

Cost: $22.95 +GST +shipping*

Je suis humain

Je suis humain - livre

De Susan verde

Beau livre illustrant ce que c’est d’être humain… (3-8yo)

Cost: $18.99 +GST +shipping*

La méditation c’est pour moi

La meditation c'est pour moi

De Susan verde

Un beau livre qui parle de la pleine conscience pour les enfants. (3-8yo)

Cost: $18.99 +GST +shipping*


L'amour - livre

De Susan verde

Un beau livre sur la compassion <3 (3-8yo)

Cost: $18.99 +GST +shipping*

*min $15 shipping in Canada or Free Pick up in Burnaby BC