Testimonials from Students in Secondary:

« I enjoyed doing these sessions of mindfulness. I often find myself, even at home, just breathe sometimes when I’m frustrated or sad. » ~ Student of G8

« Mindfulness helped me a lot to not stress as much especially when I had tests and quizzes on the same day, so it helped me relax. I used to do it a bit before but since we started the program I have done it a bit more at home and with my family. » ~ Student in G11

« It helped me in situations where I was going to basically “pull everyone down“, then I relaxed, then I breathed and then I thought about my (anchor) point … and then I apply it at home. » ~ Student in G8

« It helped a lot to organize, to stay calm, to be able to concentrate better, that helps for that. It also slows you down when you do the sessions themselves. So it feels like a kind of break from normal school.» ~ student from G10

Testimonials from Students in Primary:

From a kindergarten class:

When I told my dad I wanted chocolate and he told me to wait until my birthday, I used mindfulness to calm me down.

When my daddy annoys me very much, I calm down by breathing and afterwards my dad doesn’t annoy me anymore.

A grandmother wrote to me that her granddaughter managed to calm down (big sobs) by taking 3 breaths.

Interview with a child from G3:

L: Hello E, tell me about your experience with the program of mindfulness.

E: “It’s really good, I use it when I’m on the bus, when I’m riding a horse, lots of things like that. “

L: oh great. why on the bus?

E: “Because if I don’t use it, I have car-sick. And it helps me a lot like that. I take a lot of breaths, I take 9 breaths and after that it helps. “

L: oh that’s great, I’m glad it helps you this way! And what about when you ride a horse?

E: “Sometimes I use it, I go to a corner and take a few breaths or I calm down. Because I’m too excited! “

L: Why do we need to calm down when we are too excited?

E: Because I can’t do the right things when I’m too excited.

L: wow I hadn’t even thought of that, thanks for sharing. So, being conscious can help us be better at sports. And at school ?

E: It helps me a lot, it helps me concentrate more.

L: and when you have a test, a presentation?

E: oh yes! Before presenting something I just take 2-3 breaths and it helps.

L: and at home?

E: I don’t really use it at home.

L: ah great, that means that everything is fine at home, that’s great. Are there any sessions that you liked the most?

E: yes, eating consciously. It helps me now, I use it.

L: do you share it with your family?

E: to my friend, yes.

Gift from a Kindergarten Class

Testimonials from Teachers:

Fantastic tool for students to better manage stress, anxiety … ~ Teacher G3

My second and third year students have benefited greatly from Laure Sabini’s mindfulness program. They learned techniques there, which they re-use on their own, several weeks after completing the program. The student workbook is suitable for students of all levels and it allows everyone to appropriate the different concepts taught. As a teacher, I enjoyed the easy-to-use platform, the well-structured content, the short and relevant videos and all the lessons that I was able to enrich in class through other similar activities. ~ Teacher of G2/3 class

Sixteen sessions that went by very quickly. Our bi-weekly meetings allowed the students to put into practice the novelties and to put into practice the other techniques studied. Children become more and more independent when they need to calm down. ~ Teacher of a Kindergarten class

Imposed by the school but I did not hesitate. I thought it was good not to be the only one speaking about mindfulness. The fact that it is a program offered by the school made it more “official”, important and useful (must be said quickly) but me, it reinforced my idea that it is important for young people. ~ Teacher of G5